Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Technical Note: Tag, You're It!

The blogosphere is a wonderfully friendly institution. If reading Harry McFry is your first foray into the world of blogs, then I can only encourage you to explore further.

Kevin, who runs the Fuel My Blog website (and where readers have catapulted Harry McFry into the No3 position for art and literature blogs on the site) has kindly 'tagged' me as one of seven people with the challenge of naming seven tracks or albums that have been playing in my life recently and then naming seven more people to carry the baton forward.

So, as a little light diversion from reading Harry McFry, here goes:

  • Ray LaMontagne's superb new album Till the Sun Turns Black. Anyone who heard Trouble last year can't fail to be seduced into buying his latest album. Every track has something to commend it.
  • Stan Getz, on a CD that came as part of collection of 12 called simply Jazz Masters. I've particularly enyoyed his rendition of Autumn Leaves.
  • Artie Shaw - any one of 10 CDs that came as part of a box set I picked up for 6 Euros in Berlin last year: astounding value.
  • Bob Dylan - I bought Modern Times the day it issued last year, and I don't think a week goes by when I don't listen to it. The richness of the lyrics reveals new depths every time I listen. And I'm greatful that this tagging led me to look up, because I just discovered Bob's European tour dates for 2007!
  • Tom Waits - any of his old stuff, but I enjoyed listening to Blue Valentine the other night
  • Charles Lyonhart - I discovered Charles last year when I did a piece of work for him, and (in addition to paying me!) he kindly sent me a handful of his CDs. If you haven't heard Charles before, you might like to check by his website for some samples: you'll be glad you did.
  • Charlie Parker, from the same Jazz Masters set: his Begin the Beguine is almost as good as Artie Shaw's!
Right! The nice part is, I get to 'tag' 7 other people, who have to do the same. Here goes:

Can't wait to see the results! And thanks again, Kevin, for the tag!


nursemyra said...

tom waits is my hero!

Miriam said...

I think all this bloggin' has numbed my noggin! I didn't realize I'd been tagged for this until just now, even though I read your comment from a couple of days ago. Somehow I thought it referred to MyBlogLot for some reason. OK! I'll be glad to keep this meme going!

Thomas Hamburger Jnr said...

No problem, Miriam: I noticed you'd been tagged on another subject earlier. You need to run a bit faster!

Kind Regards