Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Technical Note: Wordless Wednesday?

Today is, apparently, 'Wordless Wednesday' in the world of blogs. I know, you're reading words I wrote on a Wednesday, but they don't really count, as they're not part of the Harry McFry story. I think I'm supposed to post a photograph instead, so here's a plan of Birkenhead Park, which is Harry's favourite place to spend a Saturday afternoon, catching up on the newspapers.
There's a much better version of it here. The other picture shows the park in it's heyday- long before Harry was even a twinkle in his mother's eye, although perhaps Lillian McFry's father might have been familiar with the scene. If you look carefully, you might just make out the impending cloud of drizzly rain, on the horizon.

I thought I'd pause today and thank my readers (and you know who you are!) for sticking with Harry McFry on his plodding quest to solve the mystery of Laurel McFry's 'Missing' Family.

I also wanted to particularly thank those readers who had taken a second to click on the 'Fuel My Blog' logo in the right sidebar, just below the Casebook list. Many of those who clicked came from Rootschat - which is (quite probably) the best family history chatroom in the world.

As a result of your efforts, Harry McFry Investigates currently ranks as No 7 in the 'Top 100' blogs listed by Fuel My Blog. That's quite an achievement, given that Harry's only been listed on the site for a couple of weeks - maybe less.

Apparently, you can vote once a day so, if you feel inclined...

If you're interested in the technical process of how Harry has been put together, you can always visit Harry McFry GPI, where I'm keeping an online diary as I write the story.

Ahem ... so much for 'Wordless Wednesday'!

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow.

Kind Regards



Vic Grace said...

It's only Tuesday here but I guess I leapt forward in time and can comment on Wednesday. Thanks for welcoming me on Fuel my Blog, you are the only one to do so. I notice a mention of the Birkenhead Beagle. My husband is from that area, and I am from London.

Thomas Hamburger Jnr said...

It's a small world, indeed, Vic! I really enjoyed looking at your blog. I've commented before that a lot of Harry's readers seem to come from Canada. I guess a fair few must come from Birkenhead, too!

Kind Regards